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About us

Why Kabir Polymer Parsian Company?

Kabir Polymer Parsian, established in 2020 with the aim of improving packaging quality, is a producer of industrial stretch film and packaging products. Our company was founded with the technical knowledge and expertise in the field of industrial stretch film and packaging products. We are committed to enhancing packaging standards and protecting goods from potential damages, ensuring the provision of superior quality and durable products.

Our products, which include various types of stretch films, are designed for different applications such as furniture packaging and protecting concrete columns from environmental conditions. Kabir Polymer Parsian utilizes modern technology and high-quality raw materials to guarantee the longevity and safety of packaging during transportation and storage.

چرا کبیرپلیمرپارسیان؟

History of Kabir Polymer Parsian Company

Kabir Polymer Parsian boasts a team of over 30 specialized and committed experts, producing high-quality and diverse stretch film packaging products. Our production is entirely domestic, utilizing up-to-date technical knowledge and quality raw materials to ensure that every product leaving our production line not only meets customer needs but also complies with international standards.

We take pride in the positive feedback from our customers, which we consider a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services and products. This feedback also helps us continuously improve and enhance our customers’ experience.

Kabir Polymer Parsian is committed to developing products that are not only resistant to physical pressures but are also easy to use and flexible. From hand stretch films to machine ones, each is designed to ensure the security and protection of goods during transport. This variety allows customers to choose the best option for any application.

Since all products are manufactured by the company itself, Kabir Polymer Parsian can ensure that every stage of the production process is under strict quality control standards. This allows us to offer products that are not only superior in quality but also cost-effective.

Kabir Polymer Parsian was established in 1399 SH with the goal of revolutionizing the packaging industry and providing quality and durable products. Leveraging up-to-date technical knowledge and advanced technologies, the company quickly established itself as one of the leading producers of industrial stretch film and packaging products in Iran.

From the beginning, Kabir Polymer Parsian has produced products that not only meet customer needs but also adhere to international standards, focusing on innovation and quality. Commitment to sustainability and the environment is among the core values of the company, which are considered in all stages of production, from raw material selection to production processes.

Over time, Kabir Polymer Parsian has been able to offer innovative products that align with market changes and customer needs through continuous research and development and customer feedback. The company also seeks to expand its international presence to export Iranian products worldwide and create a reputable name for Iran in the global packaging arena.

With an experienced and committed team, Kabir Polymer Parsian strives for continuous improvement of its standards and provides an excellent after-sales service experience for its customers. The company, known for producing a variety of quality products, is recognized as a symbol of trust and quality in the packaging industry.

Goals of Kabir Polymer Parsian Company

The main objectives of Kabir Polymer Parsian are:

  1. Quality Enhancement: Focusing on the continuous improvement of the quality of packaging products to optimally protect goods.
  2. Innovation: Advancing new technologies in the production of stretch film and other packaging products.
  3. Sustainability: Developing products that have the least environmental impact and are recyclable.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Establishing effective communication with customers and providing excellent after-sales services.
  5. Market Expansion: Expanding domestic and international markets and creating a strong network of representatives and customers.

These objectives guide all activities of Kabir Polymer Parsian and help us be recognized as a leading brand in the packaging industry.

As a leading company in the industry, we continuously innovate and improve our production processes to ensure that our customers benefit from the best packaging products. Kabir Polymer Parsian is not just a brand name but a symbol of trust and quality.